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The Nitty Gritty about me.


Erik, Styx, DarkDaemon.
Golden Brown.
Dark Blonde.
1,15, 1976 if you can't figure it out then your beyond help.
Zodiac Sign:
Chinese Sign:

Pale skin. Tattoo on my left arm of a Pentacle, right arm has an Anhk and U.S.A.

Long Island, New York. I have moved all over the island in my life. I was born in Ronkonkoma but at the age of 13 I moved to Stony Brook. When I was 15 I moved to Setauket. From the age of 16-23 I have moved to Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Coram, Selden, Poquote,Gorden Heights,South Setauket, East Setauket, Mastic, Rocky Point, Center Moriches, Medford, Holtsville, North Patchogue, Yaphank, Ronkonkoma and now I currently reside in Centereach.
Ward Melville H.S., 4 years of Suffolk Community College, 1 year of Dowling College, I Attended CHUBB Institute of Technology, Hendricks Institute for Computer Graphics and Web Design. I also have an interest in Forensic Pathology.
While I was in College I worked maintanence in Pathmark supermarket. ( I never recommend that career choice. IRS as a Data Transcriber. Auto CAD Engineer for a Glass Company, Direct Care Counsler at Maryhaven, I have just left Westin Remoldeling where I was a Trim & Finish Carpenter.
PURPLE. The color just seems to makes you happy, and sad at the same time. It fills both feelings when needed.
Favorite Garb:
Well I would have to say I love wearing my wee kilt. My long black skirt and my combat boots are a must. I will always wear my combat boots unless I am at a formal event. I have some jewlery I wear, chains, earrings, and my tongue ring.
Favorite Animal:
Cats are a favorite of mine. They are independent, natural hunters, and just plain old kewl.
Favorite Drink:
Captain Morgans & Coke.
Favorite Food:
Easily hands down I would have to say meat loaf. Just to have a slab of such carnage upon a plate can one be sated.
Favorite Music:
Dead Can Dance, Switchblade Symphony, Ministry, Concrete Blonds, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, The Cure, Lacuna Coil, The Cruxshadow, NIN, 16 Volt, Man-o-War, Power Symphony, Theater of Tragedey, Prong, Revolting Cocks, Pig, KMFDM, Life of Agony, Megadeath, Wolfshiem, and Beton Beborn. While that's just the a few of the groups, I shall not go on for the list is large. Dead Can Dance is by far my favorite, their music lead's into dancing that comes from inside. Reaching into the dark sad soul. I hate rap, house, country, hip-hop, and R&B.
I am a dancer in my heart. When I go to clubs you'll not find me at a table or on a couch sitting down. Rather you'll find me on the dance floor. In my own little world dancing to a rhythm that I can find in the music. Put me in a good pit and i'll clear any floor ( If you haven't seen the pics yet then you dont know the size of me ). I am a member of CORE which is a tight and select group of dedicated role players. Ranging from AD&D, Rifts, Alternity, Torg, Vampire and Battletech. Computers and internet is also a main part of my life. If im not building and upgrading my computer then im online coding my Mud ( NightFalls Keep ), or creating my web page. I am also part of the SCA which is a medieval recreation group known world wide with over 50,000 members. In the SCA I am know as Victor Von Drackenfell. I was also part of a norse group in which I portrayed the god of vengeance known as Vidar. Norse wrestling is a sport in which I have only lost my first match ever, since then I am undefeated. The rules are simple. You have a 15' circle as the playing field, the object is to get any portion of your opponent out of the ring any way possible as long as you do not purposely inflict pain on your opponent.
Personal Status:
I am currently in a relationship with the most incredible woman in the world named Denise.
Personal Dislikes:

People who try to play me.
People who mess with my friends.
People who are not REAL.
People who lie.
People who are socially conforming.

Morty the Death's Head


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